Corset / Post-corset / Body-out

Bodies, garments, and space


“Post-Corset, a lexicon of body-garment geometries” is an architectural exploration of contemporary fashion. The project sought to establish a visual, material, and verbal lexicon for fashioned approaches to the body. Drawing from recent theories of “affective fashion,” where the garment, its wearer, and their environment inform and shape one another, “Post-Corset” looked at case studies in high and low fashion of the past thirty years. Case studies are organized by their approach to shaping and being shaped by their wearers’ bodies. This project identifies a continuum of approaches: corset, post-corset, and body-out. Corset: a corset shapes its wearer into an image, rearranging the material stuff of a body along the logic of the icon. Post-corset fashion exposes the corset as a historical and cultural invention, literally exposing or exaggerating its physical structure. And body-out fashion responds to, expresses, and gives feedback to its wearer’s movement.

This research was advised by Margarita Jover. Click the images below to enlarge.

©Ben Barsotti Scott 2019