Flicker and Blur

Public intimacy, public domesticity: design for a residential college


“Flicker and Blur” embraces the contradictions of the public university and its domestic spaces. Student residential spaces are always mediated: at once “my own,” “yours,” and “theirs.” This proposal organizes residential spaces by the frequency of their use, calling spaces have a predictable usage pattern marked by uniform, daily times of high traffic, eg: bathrooms, “blur” spaces. “Flicker” spaces, in comparison, have a relatively independent, less predictable usage pattern, eg: laundry room. These patterns coexist in the space of the residential college: they are performances and phenomena that operate on parallel, but different, time steps, with the potential for accidental overlaps and queer adjacencies. Flicker and Blur attempts to register these coexistent time-steps by rendering the shared walls of a residential college in translucent glass, transforming the wall into sites for performance and exchange.

©Ben Barsotti Scott 2019